Since 2005, Free FutureSoft excels in Innovation

We transform technology into corporate business tools

Who We Are

Free FutureSoft LTD singles in creating applications and programs that offer
comprehensive, yet flexible solutions.
Solutions that remove complexity and give agility to each company / organization.
Solutions that create the basis for the development of our customers.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions and high quality services to companies and organizations both in the private and public sectors. The company was founded in 2005 and has connected its name with great IT facilities in Greece and abroad.
We focus daily on creating innovative applications, but also excellent service to our customers.

The pleasant experience of our customers begins with our commitment to create personalized and professional services (from the first moment of cooperation, but also as their business grows and needs change), since our solutions include:
  • Experience: Local and international level.

  • Support: Immediate and effective.

  • Education: Flexible and thorough.

  • Versatility and reliability.

Company Structure

Free FutureSoft has a workforce consisting of highly trained professionals!

  It serves a variety of business activities, providing cutting edge technology and superior consulting, training and support,
after sales service, but also ensuring a smooth and safe operation of all the products available.

Our company structure includes the departments:


Research, Production, Quality control

This department is the core of the strategic planning of the company and also fully equipped to facilities, equipment, and has fully qualified staff.


Implementation, Education, Support

Specialized professionals around this department are fully engaged and committed to ensuring the timely and qualitative installation and operation of the company's products.


Commerce & Economics

The department that retains our company top notch, throughout the years of its operation, offering to all our clients reliable and effective solutions.

Vision and goals of our company

The main objective of Free FutureSoft is the development of innovative software products for the integrated cover operational needs, as well as the provision of high quality services assisting to implement modern IT solutions by businesses and organizations.

Central guidance and vision of the company is to give companies and organizations the opportunity to benefit from the latest technology, covering the entire range of their business operations with the help of modern and user-friendly software that we produce, as well as with superior services we provide.

We want to create and maintain mutual trust and appreciation with our customers, contributing to their business growth by providing them with cutting-edge technology and quality service.
  • Innovation

  • Service & Quality excellence

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Research & Development

ISO Certification

Free FutureSoft, since 05.08.2015 holds the ISO certification 9001: 2008 which guarantees the excellent operation
of the company and the high quality of the products
and services it provides.

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