FS Payroll

Eliminate the stress and
complexity of payroll

From onboarding to health insurance, FS Payroll
integrates all of your HR offerings into an
easy-to-use dashboard

FS Payroll is a robust payroll system built to streamline your workflow.

Full of options & automated features to streamline your payroll process.

Reduce about 90% of your HR paperwork with FS Payroll.

Easily track and manage employee paid time off and gain expansive visibility into PTO usage across your entire company.

Create log file for wages and salaries of the employee, and count the "normal" working days for insurance valuation.
payroll calculations
The payroll calculation program can be run for a chosen period, depending on the user's options.
Payment via Banks
The program covers the payment through the Bank by sending files via the Internet or via magnetic media for the main banks operating in Greece.
Inventory Reports Version
The FS Payroll fully covers the process of issuing the inventory card and the issue of situations other main funds and supplementary insurance.
Payroll Management
A variety of functions are provided through Payroll Management such as the access to older payments and managing payroll for employees on vacation.
The optional application FS Timer ™ undertakes the collection of data of worker movements from attendance stations (Electronic Attendance clocks)

“FS Payroll has been incredibly effective
in helping us effortlessly manage
all aspects of employees.”

Gasparis Markos,
British Council

Huge Brands that use FS Payroll to manage workload.

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