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“We are finding more and more use for iPPOS every day.
I am amazed by the power of this application to collect customer data.
It is a pleasure to work with Free Futuresoft team;
they are really helpful and flexible! ”

Maria Pardinas,
Marketing Manager Distributor Markets,
La Prairie Group

iPPOS Suite is transforming business everywhere.

Everything you need to run your retail business.

iPAD Point of Sales:
CRM & Clienteling Solution
An integrated mobile system for sales, orders, inventories, customer registration and customer service for iPads.
Information System
Access to a wide range of reports from any device connected to the Internet.
iPPOS BackOffice
Data management system accessed through any WEB browser.
iPPOS iFiles: Digital Library
Direct and secure access to all shared files (videos, educational materials, merchandising, etc.).
iPPOS iTicket
Fast and efficient support to all users at all levels. Highly flexible, since the users can select their preferred way of contact (e-mail, telephone, i-ticket).
Device Mobile
Remote control across the whole management of applications and operating system for each iPad.

iPPOS: Integrated solution at the POS

iPPOS application is the result of a constant development, which incorporates the accumulated know how from its everyday use! More than 2,500 users in 15 countries! The application offers the below possibilities:
  • Sales, Returns, Inventories Registration

    • Organized sales, returns, inventory process.
    • Quick and easy registration of products, gifts and samples, by scanning the barcodes.
    • Alternative process of registering all the above mentioned items, through searching screen.
    • Link transactions with: a new customer, an existing customer or an «anonymous» customer (unregistered customer).
  • Registration of Store & Customer Orders

    • Faster order registration, by scanning or searching the products.
    • In addition, the Company can use predefined templates for regular orders, but also for the new launches placements.
    • Easy registration of customer pre-orders (in case of e.g. new products, shortages, etc.) and quick conversion into an actual sale.
  • Prices & Discounts registration

    • Registration/ implementation of all price types (wholesale, retail, suggested retail price).
    • Easy registration and implementation of discounts.

iPPOS: Integrated CRM solution

iPPOS application is a strong tool of organization, planning and monitoring of all company operations. It enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market.

It contributes decisively to the promotion of company’s extroversion and at the same time it ensures the fast familiarization of the users! It increases their productivity and alertness, by offering coordinated and excellent service, while simultaneously enhancing the customer service level.
The application offers:
  • Flexible management of customer accounts and new customers.

  • Customer segmentation and purchasing profiling.

  • Fast, efficient, detailed and organized new customer registration process.

  • Direct access to the detailed customer’s history (personal information, purchases, actions, loyal exchanges, etc.).

  • Applicability and adaptation of "Terms and Conditions"

  • Creation and implementation of targeted initiatives eg campaigns

  • Supports consumer loyalty system.

  • Easy to use digital agenda.

“iPPOS is a S.M.A.R.T. tool which makes life
easier challenging!!!”

Kassiani Kyriakidou,
Retail & Service manager,
L'Oréal Luxe

iPPOS BackOffice: easy data management

iPPOS ΒackOffice, is a flexible, user-friendly and effective administrative
tool to manage iPPOS data (targets, stores, customer data etc.).
The application also offers the ability to manage:
  • All data in iPPOS database (insert, update, delete etc).

  • Orders (merge, copy etc).

  • Store procedures.

  • Loyalties, Loyalties Points Rewards etc.

In addition:
  • Integrated connections are available with any ERP (SAP, Navision, Antlantis AS/400 etc).

  • Ability to send notifications from the HQ to the Users iPads.

  • Easy procedure for new entries such as users, working schedules, services/ actions, targets etc.

iPPOS MIS: stop guessing...start knowing!

The most flexible Business Intelligence platform that converts data information into integrated knowledge, through the QlikView platform. The managers can conduct researches, data analyses and can create a variety of creative reports, using the data that is recorded by the iPad users, through iPPOS.
  • Direct access to all recorded data, through iPPOS.

  • Quick & effortless analysis of data.

  • More research; less limitation.

  • Easy & immediate customization according to users requests.

  • Data Visualization, with state-of-the-art graphics.

  • Generate decisions, based on real time and secure data.

  • Easy data processing that enables the achievement of targets and increased profitability.

  • Secure data management.

iPPOS: integrated HR solution

iPPOS application offers a control of employee’s working schedule, in relation to the registration of personnel’s starting and ending shift. It provides a direct and prompt information to the management team.

iPPOS: integrated Reporting solution

iPPOS application has the possibility to provide a wide range of reports which allow users to evaluate their performance and also organize/ plan all future actions which will help them to achieve their goals.Users have the possibility to use reports which concern sales, orders, inventories, customers, actions, etc. Furthermore, a wide range of customized reports can be implemented, according to the Company’s needs.

“iPPOS has been incredibly useful in creating
a customer database, maintaining stock levels
and an easy ordering system.”

Marketing Manager,


The large number of companies that decided to use iPPOS Suite, in Greece and worldwide, proves the high flexibility and reliability features that our solution provides. iPPOS is used by more than 2.500 users, in 15 countries and has been translated in 9 languages (English, French, German, Italian etc).

Indicative client list

The wide range of clients that are using our solution, indicates that we have the ability to understand their specific needs and offer integrated and customized solutions for any organization.

“iPPOS has proved to be a very efficient tool in customers follow up and the collection of a very useful data base from our sales and promotional activities.”

Dimitris Roussopoulos
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