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Free FutureSoft was founded in 2005 and since then, it has linked its name with large IT projects both in and
outside Greece (Austria, England, Germany, France and other countries of Western and Central Europe).

Free FutureSoft is a software solutions company, that provides high quality innovative services
to companies and organizations in both the private and public sector.

iPPOS is a Clienteling and CRM – Point of Sales software application for iPads.
Ideal for companies with a large number of points of sales, many partners “on the move” and on an international basis that want to have a direct alignment with all of their markets in an affordable, safe and fast way.
  • POS: An efficient, organized, quick and particularly easy solution to register and interpret sales, returns, inventories, orders, prices and discounts.

  • CRM: A strategic tool for customer acquisition, retention, evaluation and categorization that enables interaction with the customers whilst offering you the power to adjust your business operations to customer preferences.

  • MIS: The iPPOS MIS is an advanced BI tool which is usually used by the Brand, Marketing, Field Managers or any Headquarter user who needs to have instant access to the data captured by iPPOS Clienteling.

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iPPOS Travel Retail is a Clienteling and CRM software available on iPads and iPhones.
Developed for international Companies to accelerate their digital growth and offer high quality of personalised services to their traveling customers in Duty Free sites at Airports and Travel retail shops
  • Enhanced Customer travel experience: Easily customized to meet customer needs and increase sales

  • Loyalty: Built to offer long-term loyalty for travel brands

  • Multilanguage: Available in multiple languages to facilitate international customers

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If you own or manage many stores, FS RETAIL is the effective integrated information system that enables you to understand, drive and plan your sales on a strategic and operational level.
The development of the FS RETAIL system is based on the F.F.S. platform (Futuresoft Framework System), a platform created solely by Free FutureSoft. You can rely on our FS RETAIL solution to manage your stores - across many markets - effectively:
  • Online or offline use.

  • Ease of use.

  • Cash and credit card management.

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FS Payroll is a highly flexible payroll application that takes into account all possible parameters needed by the HR department.
The subsystem of FS PAYROLL covers all that might be required for full and part-time employees in every case possible like for example those who receive remuneration that occur by a corporate contract or by paid salary and CLA ( collective labor agreement ).
  • Management of standard (STANDARD) transactions.

  • Payroll calculations.

  • Payment via Bank System.

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FS Timer is a time & attendance software with a powerful and easy to use interface that offers you real time insight to effectively manage an important HR function: attendance.
According to research, companies without an automated time and attendance solution tend to overpay employees by 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll due to time and error driven calculations that costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year.Control labor cost & start saving money today:
Control labor cost & start saving money today:
  • Employee attendance.

  • Hardware interconnection.

  • Fast schedule programming.

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Some of Our Clients

Many businesses and organisations across Europe use Free Futuresoft solutions to manage their complex
operations more effectively and efficiently not only across multiple channels but across multiple markets too.

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