Company Structure

Free Futuresoft is a Software house with an established presence in Retail and Clienteling, providing best-in-class IT solutions since 2005 to customers across different industries, markets and geographical locations.


Research and Development
Implementation and Support
Business & Sales

Research, Production, Quality control

This Department drives our strategic positioning with its focus on technology, expertise and innovative solutions for our clients.

Implementation, Training, Support

When the required solution is chosen, our specialized professionals in this department take over to install, train and support our clients to using and making the best out of the solution chosen, timely and efficiently.

Business & Accounting

Growing the business into new sectors and markets and winning business on a global scale is what makes our company successful. The teams in this department understand how technology can support your business and can discuss with you on how we could help you overcome your issues.

Vision and goals of our company

The main objective of Free FutureSoft is the development of innovative software solutions for the contemporary globalised era. We aim at supporting companies and organisations that want to be amongst the first in their class with applications that can be easily calibrated, upgraded and bridged to provide cutting edge strategic advantages.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to gain big contracts with global players in the retail, expanding our technical expertise and operational capacity to support international and varied projects.

We are also known for our Clienteling and Human Resources solutions, targeting clients that understand the changing business context and want to capitalize the benefits of technology.

  •  Innovation
  •  Service & Quality excellence
  •  Cutting edge technology
  •  Research & Development

Board of Directors

Stratos Karakousis

Stratos is a founding member of Free Futuresoft.

He supervises the activities of R&D departments and oversees Free Futuresoft’s strategic decisions around policies, technology and innovation related to the IT functions.
Stratos has extensive experience leading operations for technology, business software development and application development within a diverse range of domains. As a results-oriented professional, he manages our agile teams to assure that they resolve critical issues and produce high quality products and services.

Prior to founding Free Futuresoft, Stratos has been in charge in various Projects related to various industries at IT companies.

Panagiotis Gouskos

Panagiotis is a founding member of Free Futuresoft.

He has a solid, splendid career in Sales and Marketing, in leadership roles in software companies that promoted Retail, ERP and CRM solutions. As a result, he uniquely drives and marks the important role that software plays in Business’ daily operations. He is a dedicated enterprise Commercial Leader, committed to executing strategic plans to evolve Free Futuresoft’s growth and create partnerships through the omnichannel management process.

Panagiotis manages global Business Development, Financial Growth and Partnership procedures.

John Drakakis

John is a founding member of Free Futuresoft.

He is in charge of the business analysis, planning, scheduling, execution, and delivery of iOS applications and web projects developed in-house. He guides and consults project managers, who coordinate teams to ensure that work is completed on time and within budget, to a high standard. With a mixture of technical knowledge, business expertise and leadership, he oversees both the product being produced and the people performing the work. John makes strategic decisions to implement those decisions with aim of mitigating risks, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

John’s prior working experience was in leadership roles in tech companies among Retail & luxury Retail, in cosmetics & Apparel.