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Since 2005, FreeFuturesoft Ltd has invested in innovation to offer exceptional solutions bringing in different types of technologies together.

Thus, our solutions can be easily bridged with other solutions clients are already using like ERP.

Who We Are

As a result, our company offers solutions on CRM, Sale Out Management, Human Resource Management,
Time Attendance and Clienteling Management let alone the solutions we can design especially for you. Our client list includes many important
Greek and International companies that are ready to speak to you about us, should you wish so.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions and High Quality services to companies and organizations in both the private and public sector. The company was founded in 2005 and has associated its name with great IT projects in Greece and Europe.
Our commitment to Excellent Service starts from the day we meet you to discuss your challenges; besides we would not call it a professional service if we could not understand you from day 1.

However, all of our clients will readily speak about our capacity in implementation and support which comes with great patience, speaking of our helpdesk team! We speak of truly personalized and professional services with our solutions including:

  • Capacity: On Local and International level.
  • Support: Immediate and effective.
  • Training: Flexible and thorough.
  • Focus: Innovative and Reliable

Company Structure

Free Futuresoft is proud of its highly trained IT professionals.

The company specialises in serving the retail and luxury retail sectors, providing superior consulting,
support, training and after sales service.

Research, Production, Quality control
This Department drives our strategic positioning with its focus on technology, expertise and innovative solutions for our clients.
Implementation, Training, Support

When the required solution is chosen, our specialized professionals in this department take over to install, train and support our clients to using and making the best out of the solution chosen, timely and efficiently.

Business & Finance

Growing the business into new sectors and markets and winning business on a global scale is what makes our company successful. The teams in this department understand how technology can support your business and can discuss with you on how we could help you overcome your issues.

Vision and goals of our company

The main objective of Free FutureSoft is the development of innovative software solutions for the contemporary globalised era. We aim at supporting companies and organisations that want to be amongst the first in their class with applications that can be easily calibrated, upgraded and bridged to provide cutting edge strategic advantages.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to gain big contracts with global players in the retail, expanding our technical expertise and operational capacity to support international and varied projects.

We are also known for our Human Resource Management solutions and Clienting Solutions, targeting clients that understand the changing business context and want to capitalise the benefits of technology.

  • Innovation
  • Service & Quality excellence
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Research & Development