Clienteling Software for Retail Business

iPPOS Clienteling

CRM and Clienteling Software for Retail Business

The flexible iOS mobile solution for your Retail stores. Grow your business & Focus on Customer Experience with detailed profiling and 360º Customer View.

iPAD Point of Sales: CRM & Clienteling Solution
An integrated mobile system for sales, orders, inventories, customer registration and customer service for iPads.
Omni-Channel Loyalty Schemes
Unified Loyalty engine for all channels, awarding the customers for interacting with the brand/company via any channel.
Field Campaigns
Easy and ad-hoc creation of customer segments based on automatic or manual rules in order to achieve personalized phone communication.
Sale Management
Quick and easy registration of every transaction in the store, with multiple payment methods, integration with POS and electronic payment platform
Customer Profile with GDPR Consent
Full profile capturing with contact information, personal preferences and digital consent trace with opt-in/opt-out timestamps
User Profile & Reporting
Salesperson’s dashboard for self or team monitoring with useful retail and CRM KPIs. Access to monthly/daily targets and working schedules

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58 Countries, over 4000 iPPOS Users

Gain Customer Insight and increase one-to-one marketing on the field to boost your Sales and Marketing

Personalize the customer experience! Available on iPad & iPhone!

iPPOS Integrated CRM solution at the POS

iPPOS Clienteling is the result of a continuous effort, which incorporates the accumulated know how from its everyday use!

More than 4.000 users in 58 countries and 23 languages!

Increase Customer and Sales Experience

  • Customer Profile with GDPR Consent
  • Customer segmentation and purchasing profile
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty Schemes and Redemptions
  • Sales, Returns & Inventories Registration
  • Customer Sales and Activity History
  • Easy registration of customer pre-orders
  • Field Campaigns​, tailor made on your needs

Empower Stores and Users

  • Store Order Placement based on current stock and past sales
  • Prices & Discounts registration customised on any price type
  • User Profile & Targets with useful CRM and Retail KPIs
  • Digital Agenda
  • Reporting

iPPOS Clienteling: Available everywhere on iOS devices!

  • Offline Access
  • Highly scalable and easily integrated
  • iOS native application, available on iPads and iPhones

Indicative client list

Focusing on our clients’ needs while markets change, integrating and customizing solutions is how we have built our reputation!
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Industries we serve

iPPOS Clienteling is suitable for all specialty Retailers, including:
simple cosmetics contains a mirror a lipstick and a paintbrush


two fashion icons, a bag and high heels

Luxury Retail

clothes suite and dress


diamond ring


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