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for Enterprise Companies

Fast and easy solutions for your Retail stores. Manage & grow your business.

Clienteling Software

iPPOS Clienteling

CRM and Clienteling Software for Enterprise Companies

The flexible mobile solution for your Retail stores. Grow your business & Focus on Customer Experience with detailed profiling and 360º Customer View.

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iPAD Point of Sales: CRM & Clienteling Solution
An integrated mobile system for sales, orders, inventories, customer registration and customer service for iPads.
Omni-Channel Loyalty Schemes
Unified Loyalty engine for all channels, awarding the customers for interacting with the brand/company via any channel.
Field Campaigns
Easy and ad-hoc creation of customer segments based on automatic or manual rules in order to achieve personalized phone communication.

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Gain Customer Insight and increase one-to-one marketing on the field to boost your Sales and Marketing

Personalize the customer experience! Available on iPad & iPhone!

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iPPOS Integrated CRM solution at the POS

iPPOS Clienteling is the result of a continuous effort, which incorporates the accumulated know how from its everyday use!

More than 3,500 users in 30 countries and 12 languages!

Increase Customer and Sales Experience

  • Customer Profile with GDPR Consent
  • Customer segmentation and purchasing profile
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty Schemes and Redemptions
  • Sales, Returns & Inventories Registration
  • Customer Sales and Activity History
  • Easy registration of customer pre-orders
  • Field Campaigns​, tailor made on your needs

Empower Stores and Users

  • Store Order Placement based on current stock and past sales
  • Prices & Discounts registration customised on any price type
  • User Profile & Targets with useful CRM and Retail KPIs
  • Digital Agenda
  • Reporting

iPPOS Clienteling: Available everywhere on iOS devices!

  • Offline Access
  • Highly scalable and easily integrated
  • iOS native application, available on iPads and iPhones
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Focusing on our clients’ needs while markets change, integrating and customizing solutions is how we have built our reputation!