iPPOS Commissions

FS Commissions

Free FutureSoft has launched iPPOS Commissions, an application that aims to simplify the reporting and calculation of employees’ salary commissions.

A web-based application that is a complete and flexible solution for managing bonuses and commissions for medium and large-scale companies that require flexibility, automation and information without limits.

FS Commissions is complementary to iPPOS Suite and provides:

  • Extended functionalities
  • Scalable and flexible development lifecycle
  • Cutting-edge technology features
  • User-friendly navigation

The commissions can be calculated based on a variety of metrics and inputs either from iPPOS or any other third party

FS Commissions calculations for the commissions are based on input provided by the Company:

  • Sales
  • Targets
  • Employees
  • Absences
  • Holidays
  • Discounts

Depending on business needs, the application can receive input from different sources to accommodate for different employee types

FS Commissions possesses a powerful calculation engine that can process simultaneously multiple calculation rules of the highest complexity and apply different formulas depending on the business requirements. Multiple bonus distribution scenarios can be supported per employee type or group. The commissions results can be locked to avoid editing once they confirmed by business

FS Commissions provides the ability to view and share commissions results