Self-service Clienteling application on standalone iPad

iPPOS Kiosk is targeted at beauty, clothing, footwear and accessories retail stores
Using a friendly user interface, customers can register, sign in, view the loyal points gained from previous purchases and access their customer profile data such as consultation and product recommendation

The application is accessed via an iPad that is located on the retail store

iPPOS Kiosk offers

  • Quick registration of a new customer

  • Access to customer profile data like personal data, consultation, product recommendation, purchases and appointments

  • Redemption of loyalty points or vouchers

  • Notifications such as Gifts or Discounts that the customer may have

  • New Product presentation via videos or images

iPPOS Kiosk Capabilities
  • Automatic data transfer from / to iPPOS Clienteling when located in the same store

  • Data transfer with any POS system located in the store

  • Automatic data transfer from / to the HQ

  • Customers can self-register in stores without a Beauty Advisor or when the Beauty Advisor is busy

  • Promotion of new products or upcoming events via commercial videos

  • The Company saves valuable staff time and increases Sales and Customer Capturing!