iPPOS Retail

Free Futuresoft introduces iPPOS Retail the new generation of POS systems, based on 15 years of accumulated knowledge and experience on Retail applications, that provides:

Advanced functionalities

Flexible development and implementation based on business specifications

Advanced user experience within the Apple iOS environment

iPPOS Retail is a technologically advanced POS system with extended functionalities, which cover the niche requirements and management needs of stores (chain) selling goods & services.

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iPPOS Retail covers retail businesses such as:
  • Department stores, boutiques and pop-up stores
  • Shops for cosmetics, technology, apparel and other

iPPOS Retail Features and Processes

  • Customer profiles and GDPR compliant data
  • Quick customer capture
  • Cash management
  • Supplier inventory and control
  • Vouchers and gift cards issuing
  • User control panel with KPIs, Targets and Reports
  • Offline capability
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty Schemes and Redemptions

Based on our highly qualified teams with expertise in customer and markets’ needs, we provide solutions that enhance sales transactions, operational efficiency and consumer base knowledge avoiding complexities in the most beneficial way. Seamless, fast and automated processes elevate their user experience. Minimum technological awareness and basic navigational skills are required from the user.

Integration with external systems

iPPOS Retail supports multiple integration options with the external systems that the company already uses, offering omni-channel view while utilizing the latest techniques of interconnection. With a modern, friendly and easy to use environment, iPPOS Retail offers various options to its users in order to complete their tasks.

Place Order to E-Shop

  • When out of stock, place a direct order to e-shop, complete payment and set delivery address

Customer Self-service Cash out

  • Customer mobile application for adding products to cart in the store, enter payment details and get the products from the staff

New Modules Coming Soon!