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Increase Customer Impact and Sell Faster

Get to know your Travelers - Customers habits and actions.

iPPOS Travel Retail

iPPOS Travel Retail is a CRM & Clienteling application that is utilized in Duty Free sites at Airports, Cruise Liners, Railway Stations, Borders, Downtown, Hotel Shops, or wherever travellers are!


To whom is it targeted

Cosmetics, beauty, footwear and accessories promotion companies can benefit from iPPOS Travel Retail.
Through the friendly and easy-to-use interface of this Clienteling application, vendors encourage business travelers to become members of the company's club.
Information can then be used for further exploitation by the Company's central marketing and sales departments.
Registered customers can view their consumer behavior, be informed about the benefits offered and can redeem gifts that they can get from anywhere within the chain of stores of your Company.
  • A CRM and Clienteling application that supports Companies in the new digital era of Travel Retail.

  • A digitalized and more personal approach to the evolving market of Travelers.

  • Fully capable to support a Company’s GDPR rules.

  • Customized based on the Company’s needs.

  • Through iPPOS Travel Retail salespersons are encouraged to capture customers profile and provide Personalized Offers & Recommendations.

  • The Company can continuously improve their omni-channel strategy and expand their loyalty club.

  • Acting as the liaison between Company’s Marketing department, Operational department and Travel Retailing ensuring smooth operations.

  • iPPOS Travel Retail allows HQ to manage marketing strategies to maximize sales, market share and loyalty club.

  • The HQ maintain awareness of the overall activity in the competitive Travel Channel sector.

  • iPPOS Travel Retail helps the company evolve and develop brand goals, budgets.

  • A Clienteling application offering direct contact with customers for follow up and actions upon request related to sales and promotions.

  • Tailored made services can be offered to the growing number of travellers that enjoy their time in the airports shops.


  • Quick customer registration

  • Record of Sales

  • Customer Management

  • Points Redemption

  • Gift Schemes

Application Screens

iPPOS Travel Retail is available on iPads and iPhones

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