Discover a whole new dimension in Mobile Intelligence & Personalization inside the Retail Stores.

iPPOS On the Go is the best-suited iOS application for Sales Associates to develop Sales and manage Customers, from the very first lead to the final deal and beyond, all on the go! A tool that aims at the digital transformation of Retail Business & enhancement of Customer Experience.

Enable your physical stores to enter the new digital era by implementing our latest enterprise-level application!

iPPOS On the Go advantages:

  • Quick & Easy Customer Data Management

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Issue & Digital dispatch of invoices/Receipts

  • Access your data Offline & continue working without disruption and automatically sync when online

  • View productivity & Targets’ pipeline visibility per user.

ios phone image showing profile details of ippos app

Enforce your Salespeople by providing them with the right tool to capture or modify Customer information.
Leverage technology to give a new dimension in Customer Registration, simplify procedures while being GDPR compliant and keep Customer’s digital signature.
Modify our app tailored to your business needs and achieve a customer-centric approach.

Enhance your Sales Team’s processes by eliminating the waiting time in Cashier queues, while your customers can digitally receive their receipts / invoices by email or Viber. Evolve Customer Experience!

ios phone image showing receipt of ippos app
ios phone image showing customers of ippos app

Get real-time insights into Key Sales & CRM metrics and trends with a smart dashboard. Reports and Targets can be easily customized by the criteria set.

iPPOS On the Go is a CRM component of our iPPOS Retail Suite. Available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod).